The price of poor management

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Poor management is just widespread. I don’t know why this is the problem but it seems to me like there are so many poor managers out there. How would the CEO expect to excel if he hires managers who would steal from them, harass their employees, don’t follow federal or labors laws? I just don’t get it. I worked for many people too and I have witnessed many terrible managers. I just don’t know why there isn’t any hidden camera inside some of the office inside some of the buildings. They just need more cameras to protect employees bullying and harassment.

Some managers will never get it, they just don’t care. I guess they forget what they promise to their interview. Yes, they promise the world and when they get the job, they start to harass the women and then bully the others. I have seen enough of it already. They need to have better managers.

Five out of ten managers I’ve worked with are just crooked. In order for someone to be in a leadership position, they need to be an ethical individual. They also need to care about their job. Some workplace is worst than the street, I thought that I would have a better time on the street than at the work place. What’s wrong with upper management because they’re the one who hired the lower management? If I was to manage a company, I would never hire a crook in the first place. If you want a business to succeed, you would need to hire better managers. I’ve worked with managers that make out with employees in the back office, managers that ignore workplace problems,  and managers that are problems themselves. I don’t think that business owners will not realized this issue until they have to close up their business.


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