Kurti Eliminated from Dance India Dance Season 2

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Hosts of Dance India Dance Season 2 – Jay Bhanushali and Saumya Tandon introduced 5th March, 2010 episode on ZEE TV. Unsafe guys who had received minimum votes from the audiences sat on the red Sofa.

First unsafe girl was Amrita in this episode of DID 2. The episode begins with Kunwar Amar’s dance. He performed on Mayurbhanj Chhau dancing style from Terence Ki Toli. His performance was really very appreciating.

Next performance on the stage of Dance India Dance 2 is done by Binny from Geeta Ki Gang. She performed Belly Dance & Freestyle.

In the second round, Nikkitasha was in the unsafe zone. However, Saajan performed on B Boying dancing style from Remo Ke Rangeele.

Next performance is played by Jack from Terence Ki Toli in DID Season 2. He performed Contemporary dancing style.

In the third round, Punit was in unsafe zone in 5th March, 2010 episode of Lux Dance India Dance Season 2 on ZEE TV. In this round, Shakti performed on Bollywood Freestyle from Terence Ki Toli.

Next performer was Dharmesh Sir from Geeta Ki Gang who played a Freestyle dancing style on this stage.

In the last round, Kurti goes in unsafe zone. However, Kishore performed from Geeta Ki Gang on Aerial Contemporary dancing style.

In the final round, Puneet and Kurti performed from Terence Ki Toli. Puneet played a Hip Hop dancing style however, Kurti chooses Semi Classical dancing style.

Amrita performed from Geeta Ki Gang on Lavani that was superb in this episode on the stage of Lux Dance India Dance 2. Nikkitasha performed also Hip Hop from Remo Ke Rangeele on this stage. Finally, Kurti eliminated from Dance India Dance 2 in the 5th March, 2010 episode.

Overall, this episode introduced the best dance with the most appreciating 12 dancing superstars in DID 2. Their dance performance was amazing and they give their full effort in their performance.

Amrita played the most appreciating performance in this episode with her Lavani dancing style. In the result, Kurti leaves the stage of Dance India Dance 2 on 5th March by getting the least votes from the audiences. Despite it, she will always be known as one of the best dancers on this stage.

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