Obama’s Inauguration

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I stayed home for the Inauguration of President Obama.  I stay home most days, so this was nothing new for me.  I did, however, take advantage of my present situation by leaving the television on all day in order to catch all of the inauguration.

Before turning on the television, I had to drop my daughter off at preschool.  I listened to the pre-inaugural activities on NPR in the car on the way there and back.  I parked my van haphazardly in the garage and rushed my toddler into the house in order to not miss anything on the television.  Now, for the record here, we generally don’t watch television around here.  We don’t subscribe to cable and strictly limit what the children watch.  Back to today, though…we got in just in time to watch the beginning of the inauguration ceremony.

To me, Obama means change.  I know, it’s a clichet, but the way I see it, anything is better than the administration that just finally left today.  I wouldn’t have been as happy as if McCain had become President, but I would have been happy nonetheless.  I’ve been waiting 8 years for this day to come.

When Bush Jr came to my home town to campaign for his second term, I protested.  I made a shirt that said “Send Your Daughters to Iraq!”.  I gave him what my dad and I now jokingly call my famous “two finger salute”.  My dad told me today he’s still proud of me for my act of protest.  I wouldn’t take it back for anything.

I admit one single man could not have made our counrty the mess it is today.  I do think a lot of the problems we face are his administration’s fault, though.  Certain laws should have been passed.  Certain things should not have been ignored.  Certain wars should not have been undertaken.

However, I am hopeful that now the mess can be cleaned up.


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