Letter of Love

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This poem along with more than 50 others are in my book NOT JUST ANOTHER LOVE. My book is full of love poetry mean to touch your heart. If you like this poem then please purchase a copy of my book. I love to writer poetry and short articles. All my writing comes from the heart and means the world to me. As a poet I have given part of my heart in works.

Tonight I wrote a letter

To someone very special

This letter explained

What my heart felt

About how there’s

Passion in my heart

Told him that

He is the reason

Why life has changed

Told him that

I hope he finds happiness

Like what he has put in my heart

Even told him

About the chills

That he gives me

Explained to him

About how thankful I am

To him

For the inspiration

He has given me

Maybe tonight

He will read this letter


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