Cardboard Toys

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 Our children love to play. They especially enjoy doing things they see us adults doing. They closely observe our daily household activities and try to imitate us. To them, of course, it’s more playing for fun rather than the burden of daily routine.

This is why toy stores are stuffed with all sorts of household appliances and kitchenware in kids format. You might also think of dollhouses and Barbie collections for girls or home depot tools for boys, through which they try to imitate us adults. That’s what kids like pretending to be.

Why not surprise your children with something unique and put together a few self-made household appliance toys? These can easily be made by using scrap and recycling materials like cardboard boxes and plastic packages. Especially in today’s tough economic times this is an alternative to expensive store gifts as, except for a little effort, they (almost) won’t cost you anything.

Or you could build them straight away with your kids. Making them together is precious time parents spend with their children, time your little ones otherwise all too often spent left on their own watching TV or playing with an electronic device. Making something boosts their creactivity, as well as your own, of course. Cardboard boxes are available everywhere for free and it’s fun to turn them into appliances like a waching machine, an oven or a sink. Other materials are as readily available by saving some plastic packages and caps from the garbage bin. Basic tools like glue, paint and a cutter are to be found in every household. Making these toys can be done in short time and by simply applying a few buttons kids will recognize them immediately as such. And their faces will sometimes be more radiant than with toys from the store!

Building them on your own is also educational. It will stimulate your kids’ inventiveness and it will also teach them the important lesson to go their own way, instead of simply taken for granted what has already been prepared and thought of by others.

Besides, by providing toys at almost zero cost you will easily be able to get rid off them, once your kids don’t play with them anymore. Something you probably wouldn’t as readily do, had they been bought by your hard earned money.

Next time you’re at the supermarket, take some throwaway boxes home with you. Be inventive! And enjoy the time with your kids!

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