Recipe For Honey Mustard Chicken Pasta

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Here is my honey mustard chicken pasta recipe. You will need: 500 grams of chicken, a jar of honey mustard simmer sauce, a capsicum, a carrot, an onion, a few mushrooms, two cloves of garlic (optional), and a tablespoon of oil.

First brown the chicken in the oil on a medium heat, the chicken should be cut into bite size pieces, add the onion, carrot and capsicum, (chopped reasonably fine), then add the honey mustard simmer sauce. cook about five minutes on a medium heat, and while you’re doing that cook the pasta. The microwave is fine for cooking pasta, just boil a kettle and put the pasta in for as long as it says on the packet.

I like macaroni for this dish, but use whichever pasta you like. Add the mushroom and garlic if you want garlic, (usually I like lots of garlic, but this dish is sweet, so I usually save that for a bolognese sauce), and cook on a medium low heat, for another ten minutes, or until the pasta is ready to serve. There isn’t much else to say about it except the brand of honey mustard that you buy will determine how good it is, and you want to cook it slowly, so that the chicken can soften up, and become tender. Try different vegetable combinations, and have fun with it. You might want to add a spice to liven it up, but I don’t personally think pepper and salt are a good idea, as they take away from the sweet flavor.

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