Clothes That Make You Look Thinner

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Looking thin isn’t just about what size you wear, but what you wear. Finding the right clothes for your body type can make a big difference.

Tip # 1 Colors Can Make A World of Difference

Everyone knows that black is a slimming color and that white makes people look larger, but there are ways that colors can be used to flatter your body. You can add color to your wardrobe and still look thin. Colors like dark gray, brown, navy, or even dark green and purple can be used as slimming colors, so you don’t have to live in black clothing. As well, most people don’t have completely proportionate bodies, and often people are either top heavy or bottom heavy. This is where colors can make a huge difference in appearance. If you are bottom heavy then you can wear darker colors on the bottom and lighter colors on top, and vice versa for top heavy people. By wearing lighter colors in your thinner area and darker colors in your heavier area, you are minimizing the heavy part and accentuating the thiner part, which creates a more balanced look. So don’t be afraid to wear light pastel color, coupled with a darker tone.

Tip # 2 Pant Cut

Everyone should know what type of pant cut suits them best. People who are heavier in the butt and hip area should wear pants that have a slightly wide leg, which will elongate their legs and make them look thinner. People who are heavier on top shouldn’t wear skinny cut pants, because it will only make them look thiner on the bottom and heavier on the top. A slightly flared jean works best for top heavy people, because the flare keeps your legs from looking too thin and balances out your body. Top heavy people can also get away with wearing pleated pants as they add bulk, which will help you look more proportionate.

Tip # 3 V-neck Tops

V-neck tops aren’t simply for women with the “perfect” chest, and in fact V-neck tops are one of those that work for everyone. For women with bigger chests, a V-neck top breaks up the never-ending appearance of ones chest which can happen with high neck tops. V-necks are also great for smaller chested women because it keeps you from looking too tomboyish.

Try on a few different outfits and look in the mirror.  It’s not hard to see what makes you look thinner and what doesn’t.  Before you know it, you will be able to spot what will look good on you before even trying it on. The right clothes coupled with some confidence are all you need to look your best.


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