10 tips for Saturday morning car maintenance tips

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  1. Check your wiper fluid level. Remember not to use water for this if the weather is freezing.
  2. Check your oil level. Pull the dipstick from your car engine and wipe it clean the reinsert pull it again and read it. The car needs to be mostly level for this.
  3. Check the radiator water/antifreeze level. The engine needs to be cool for this. Some cars have a visible tank, some you have to pull the cap off and look in the radiator. You should have antifreeze within about an inch of the top. Before adding antifreeze you should start the car and turn on the heater to full blast.
  4. Check the automatic transmission fluid. This needs to be done with the transmission warmed up and the car running to be accurate. Turn the car off to put fluid in the transmission. Stick shift transmissions do not have a level to check.
  5. Check the air filter occasionally. This may require a screwdriver. Look for the air intake, the hose is usually the biggest ones under the hood that does not connect to the radiator. If you hold the filter up toward the sky you should be able to see light through it. Bang it on something to knock some dirt out of it.
  6. Check under your hood visually. Look for any belts that look worn or hoses that look cracked. If you do this regularly you will know how things should look after a while.
  7. Check the air pressure in your tire. Look for a local service station with an air pump for your car tire. Some are free and most have tire pressure gauges attached. If there is no tire gauge attached you can buy one for about a buck at Wal-Mart or a car parts store. Look at your tire some where on the side it will say the correct pressure for example 32 psi max per tire.
  8. Check the over all condition of your tire. Look closely at your tire, but DO NOT RUN YOUR HANDS over the tire you might cut your hand on anything stuck in the tire
  9. Check out all of the lights on your car. Turn signals, running lights, prop the brake pedal down with a golf club, bat or broom stick. To check your brake lights. Another way to do this is to find a store with windows on the front and look at the reflection of your lights.
  10.  Check the outside of your car for damage cracked glass and anything else out of the ordinary.

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