Club Makeup

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How to Go From A Day Look To A Club Look

Everyone needs to go out and experience the night life. Whether you are single or not it is always a must to look sexy while doing so. Everyone always want to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin and here is a guide to help you achieve the appropriate look for “Going Out”

  • Brown Eye Shadow

  • Eye Shadow Brush

  • Black Eyeliner

  • Dark Brown Eye Pencil

  • Mascara

  • Lip Balm or Chap Stick

  • Lip Gloss

  • Mirror

  • Beautiful Face

Step 1

Brush a brown eyeshadow on entire lid and color out of the lines a little bit above your lid crease. TIP: Select a brown that is some what dark, a little smokey, but all together soft.

Step 2

Next outline your entire eyeball with black eyeliner. Don’t do too much because the raccoon look is not cute. Not cute at all.

Step 3

Now you have your black outline… Pick up your dark brown eye pencil and outline the black. Blend together and make it thin on the inside at tear duct and thick on the outside.

Step 4

Slap on Two… Three… Maybe even four coats of mascara. Make sure to get those lower lashes two… Let mascara dry completely before applying the next coat. This keeps your lashes from clumping up.

Step 5

Finally it’s time to get to those plump puckers of yours… First get them ready for the big sexy bang but applying lip balm or chap stick to them.

Step 6

Now pop them off big with a red lip gloss!!

Step 7

Now your are finished. Add your personal touched to customize your look. Go Get’em Your Sexy Broad!!


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