What Makes a Husband Easy to Live With?

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                                                                   My Soul Is My Own

My Husband is easy to live with because he’s generous.  He like vintage cars;I enjoy collecting old books.  He likes tennis; I like the movies.  He likes fishing; I like dancing.  What do we both like?  Each other!  Never in the 26 years of our married life has he attempted to impose tennis on me.  Never has he tried to choose my friends, my clothes, my amusements.  Never has he pawed over the grocery bill-liberal in everything from his ideas to his checking account.  He drops cookie crumbs, brings guest home without forewarning and forgets a special day now and then, but every fault is erased by liberality of spirit.  Easy to live with because my soul and mind are my own; he may explore them but he never attempts complete ownership!    

Freedom from Curiosity

My Husband has many qualities that make him easy to live with.  But the outstanding one is his freedom from curiosity.  I have a very generous allowance but am never questioned as to how I spend it or whether or not I am saving any of it.  I can be out late, have unexpected callers, with out tiresome explanation.  It isn’t that he isn’t interested but he trusts me to take care of my affairs as he does his, without questions,  To me it means peace and happiness.

A Peaceful Husband 

My husband is easy to live with becasue he is not faultfinding.  In the years of our maried life I  do not recall a single meal made unpleasant by disagreeable comments upon the food or a single night’s rest interrupted by useless arguments and recrimination.   I am ready and willing to admit that my husband is not perfect, but who wants a perfect husband anyway?  as for me, I say, “Thank God for a peaceful husband.”

He Covers His Tracks

I have chosen “picking up after himself” as the best among my husband’s many easy-to-live with qualities.  If there’s anything that makes a tired mother desperate it’s to try to teach her chidren to hang up their hats, put their shoes in the closet and their soiled clothes in the hamper, in the face of the living example of a husband and father who casts off clothing and all responsibility for it in the general direction of the nearest chair.  Any woman will see the resentment if she has to follow in the tracks of a man picking up the newspapers, shoes, shirts he sheds.  From my heart I thank my mother-in-law, who taught her son to “cover his tracks” in the house. 

Words of Praise

My husband never forgets that besides being a wife, I am also a Feminine Person as such love to hear that my dress was ther prettiest there, that my nose never shines except in the privacy of my boudoir and that no other Lemon Chess Pie can equal mine.  Such honeyed words, makes my husband a mighty easy man to live with.

When to Be Quiet

I very much appreciate my husband’s quiet way when I am struggling to make a plane, or to get to someplace on time.  He may look at his watch and ask,  “Do you think you can make the 7:00am  flight?”  And I make it, unruffled and unflurried.  Whereas should he hustle me and become impatient I lose my equilibrium and probably  miss the plane as well.  And I’m thankful for his quiet help in getting the last-minute things ready for the picnic and his quiet manner of taking the responsibility of fixing windows and shades and seeing that our luggage are all together and doors locked when we are leaving home for a vacation.  I think a husband who knows the times when it helps most to be quiet is an easy man to live with.

The Approachable Husband

My husband has a close friend, Jack, married to Mary, Mary said to me the other day,  “I wish you’d ask your husband how Jack feels about us all going camping together.”  Ask my husband?  Why not ask Jack direct?  I did not put this question to Kate, but in my heart I sang paeans of praise of my husband the approachable, the responsive.  Here I have been blissfully ignorant of a remarkable quality that makes life with my husband as comfortable as an old shoe.  Anything from dollars to doughnuts I can approach.  No reticence, no explosion; just response, fair and frank.  We can disagree with zest but somehow no debris from the past encounter clutters up the future approach.  

He Argues with Me

Bless my husband- he argues with me!  He considers my opinions worthy of refutation.  He will listen attentively to my reasons why the mountains are the only sensible place to spend the summer vacation, and then ever so courteoulsy he begins to pick my logic apart, to show me, with infinite patience, meticulous care and flattering seriousness, where I’m wrong.  My, but it’s easy to live with a man who takes the trouble to argue matters out with me.

Something to Say

A gift of gab helps a lot.  What a difference it makes to a wife who has been in the house all day occupied with seemingly petty and certainly irritating duties to have her husband come home with something to say-interesting news or trifling gossip, thoughts, impressions, anything at all but that stony silence that makes one want to scream;  “Talk, talk, for heaven’s sake, talk!”      

We often hear of the wife who talks too much but do’t forget to be sorry for the wife of the husband who talks too little. 


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