Survivor 20: Heroes vs. Villains

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Will there ever be a point in time where Coach will suddenly discover that he is NOT the center of the universe?  I’m almost…make that not so almost…embarrassed that I hail from the very same city.  Dragonslyer, Schmagonslayer.  This guy’s nothing but a crybaby.  I mean, really.  Did any9one ever teach him the sticks and stones song? 

On a grander scale, we get to see a slightly different side of Tyson…one that I wasn’t sure even existed until now.  He seemed genuinely concerned about the mental state of one slightly off kilter Dragonslayer and offered him so sound advice:  “Dude…be normal and people will leave you alone.”  Okay, so that wasn’t a direct quote from last night’s episode, but you get the picture.  Tyson basically said the same things we’ve all been saying since first meeting Coach.  Stop telling ridiculous stories even if they are true ‘cause nobody believes them.  And for God’s sake, stop doing yoga on the beach instead of getting water and firewood!

Boston Rob surprised me, but only a little.  He knows he needs Coach to back him in order to keep the majority, so when Coach started whining about not getting his quality time, Rob took a second to reassure his soon to be betrayed ally, but only for a second. 

Apparently the knuckle bump with Rob was all the magic elixir Coach needed to get his game face back on, which was good since the powers that be at Survivor finally decided to go back to the standard format of one reward challenge/one immunity challenge.  The reward challenge was simply, grease yourself up like a pig, slide down the world’s largest slip and slide, grab a ball and get it into the net all while looking as graceful and pretty as possible.  Needless to say, there was no grace, but once again we get to watch the Heroes’ lack of communication cost them yet another win.  There’s just no teaching these guys.  The Villains get to go home with the booty once again.

But what neither team knew was that the rewards prizes, both this week and last, were bobby trapped…with clues about the hidden immunity idol.  Both camps found the clue and revealed its contents to the entire tribal population, which by the way is a definite no-no when trying to save your butt.  The Villains tribe made a pact that they would find the idol as a team and toss it into the ocean, decreeing that whosoever shall be found going after the idol was marked for execution at the next tribal council.  Of course, who do you think decided to take off on his own???  Yep. The newly labeled “hobbit on crack” as christened by one Boston Rob.  Russell never fails to disappoint, though I don’t believe at this point that he or anyone else for that matter has come up with the idol yet. 

Tom and Colby on the other hand, who are walking a fine line with the tribe, begin to search feverishly for the idol as well…which Tom comes up with handily.  Of course, he’s not very subtle when placing it deftly in his sock.  Amanda watches the whole thing and let’s everyone else in on it.  I’m wondering what the thought process was behind looking for the idol, anyway.  I mean, wouldn’t the tribe simply vote for the person who had it and force it out?  The Heroes have got 2 targets, Tom and Colby.  The smart thing would have been to vote for both, leaving Tom to play the idol and force out the other one…but instead, Tom and Colby manage to sway poor little J.T. and ultimately get Cerie out at tribal  (yes, folks, that means that the Heroes lost the immunity challenge as well.  Was there ever any doubt?)

I know I’m taking an unpopular position here, but I have to say that I have been less than impressed with the effort being put forth by the Heroes tribe.  I mean, I really want a Villain to win this thing, though I’m not sure which one.  Of course, I like Russell, but he’s taken a backseat to Rob.  Coach, Courtney, Tyson and Sandra are definitely off the list, so I guess I’m rooting for Russell.  Go Villains!


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