Recipe for chicken and cashews

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Recipe for chicken and cashews. You will need: 500 grams of chicken breast, cut into bite size pieces, or strips, one onion, chopped coarsely, one carrot cut on the diagonal into small pieces, one stalk of broccoli, (or bok choy stems), include the other parts if you like them, baby corn, (or any vegetables you like), a tablespoon of oil, oyster sauce, cashew nuts, and three cloves of garlic.

Chicken and cashews is easy. First, start cooking the rice, (I put one cup of rice with two cups of water, and microwave for ten to twelve minutes), then put the oil in the pan and heat to a fairly high temperature, really hot if you like, and add the chicken and chopped onion. Allow the chicken to brown a little, and then add the chopped carrot, the broccoli, and the oyster sauce. You might want to add a dash of water if the sauce is a little thick. You then add the crushed garlic cloves closer to the end, if you like a strong garlic flavor, add more cloves. Then you add the cashew nuts.

You can add them early in the dish if you like them well cooked, but I like mine crunchy, and often I just sprinkle them on top of the meal just before eating. Also, if you can get honey roasted cashews, this makes it even better in my opinion. This is not the traditional Chinese method for cooking chicken and cashews, but I have been making this meal for years, and it is perhaps my all time favorite food. Try it with different vegetables, try adding ginger or whatever you like, but always get a good oyster sauce, that is the main part. Hope you like my free recipe for chicken and cashews.


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