Farmville Pot of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day: How to Fill it to the Brim!

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Farmville has a St. Patrick’s Day present for you: a pot of gold. It’s easy to get the pot of gold and fill it up. Here are the ways you can gain more gold and earn exclusive prizes.

Farmville Pot of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day: Valentine’s Day Redux

The Pot of Gold works similar to the Valentine’s Day Mailbox, which was a version of the holiday tree. The holiday tree was the best of the three, because Farmville farmers could open each present for a new prize. Under the new holiday features, the prize, in this case gold pieces and statues, are only used to count your total, and cannot be opened or placed on your cool Farmville farm. This is exactly how the Valentine’s Day mailbox worked.

Get Your Farmville Pot of Gold

Your Farmville Pot of Gold is in your gift box. You can “Use” it and place it on your farm. If you accidentally delete it you can buy another one for 1 FarmVille cash. In some instances, Farmville will let you have a replacement pot of gold even if you do not have the 1 Farmville cash.

Three Ways to Earn Farmville Pot of Gold Cash

1. Ask for Gold

Click on your Farmville Pot of Gold and choose “Look inside.”

Click on “Ask for Gold.” This will publish a request on your Facebook page asking fellow Farmville farmers for gold. Be sure you do not have Farmville notifications blocked or this will not work. You can choose which friends to ask.

2. Claim Farmville Gold

Track your Farmville friends on Facebook and claim gold when their Farmville Gold Pot of Gold reaches different milestones. Make this easy by creating a separate Friend list on Facebook just for Farmville friends. This will allow you to quickly find friends who have a gold piece available for you.

3. Send Yourself Gold

This is another Farmville feature which requires a lot of active user Farmville friends or extra players. Send yourself gold from your extra accounts to accumulate your gold quickly. If you use your five accounts to send gold to all of your accounts, you can also claim more gold, as each of your players fills up its pot of gold.

You can share gold with other players (including your extra players) for every five pieces of gold. Send yourself gold every day to max out your Farmville Pot of Gold.

Good luck farmers!


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