Transform Yourself Into a Writer; Through a ‘Phase Transformation’

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You are retired and bored. Or you are still working at your job and bored.

Perhaps, doing a phase transformation by rediscovering your passion and writing a book will help you get out of this funk.

I like those two words, phase transfromation; they come from the field of thermodynamics, something I once (sort of) studied in college.

If you need to know about this physics phenomenon more specifically, understand that during a phase transition, certain properties change as a result of some external condition, such as temperature, pressure, and others. For example, a liquid may become gas upon heating to the boiling point, resulting in an abrupt change in volume. Phase transitions are common occurrences observed in nature and the term is most commonly used to describe transitions between solid, liquid and gaseous states of matter.

So doesn’t this make sense? For some reason, you’ve reached a boiling point and you’re ready to take off! Writing a book sounds like a good plan, but it is hard work. It’s going to take some time and effort. But the plan is achievable and to get you started, here is a list of 10 steps that will help you start moving from liquid to gas!

Step 1. Choose your topic. Most published authors suggest that you write about what you know and love.

Step 2. Do the research. This is going to take hours and hours, weeks and weeks or maybe months. But you have several important obligations when you write a book starting with quality research that includes checking and verifying every fact and resource..

Step 3. Think about who will read your book and how you will reach them. This may surprise you, but less than half of all books are sold in regular “brick-and-mortar bookstores.”

Step 4. Write the draft of your book’s back cover copy. Covers sell books!

Step 5. Plan ahead — Finding Professionals. This is a good time to start locating your book cover artist (front and back) if you aren’t going to do it yourself. You also need to plan for these professional-quality services whether you do them yourself or hire them out –  typesetter, printer, etc.

Step 6. Write your book. How do you get started writing? This shouldn’t be too tough, since you have already written a detailed proposal, developed a working title, have designed a back cover and have written a sample chapter by now!

Step 7: Proof your book. Find several people to read your book — people who know something about your topic, friends, and family members.

Step 8. Put it all together — (your final, edited manuscript and cover) and get it to your printer (or wherever it is going for final formatting and distribution).

Step 9. Market and sell your book. Remember when you decided who you are writing this book for? Where will you find these folks? Do they read blogs? Visit Facebook? Buy and sell on Ebay? Really knowing your audience and marketing to them truly dictates a large part of your success.

Step 10. Fine tune your marketing plan. Start by figuring out what is working and increase those marketing activities. Look for other opportunities, too.

Okay — it’s just a quick list, but it does provide a starting point for your transformation.


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