Natural remedies for indigestion and heartburn.

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Natural remedies for indigestion and heartburn.

Indigestion can be really horrid; it’s uncomfortable, annoying and will very often not go away by itself. Heartburn is just as bad, as it can become incredibly painful if left untreated. There are several over the counter medicines available, but they are quite expensive and full of chemicals that can cause other side effects. Below is a list of natural ingredients and remedies that can help to ease heartburn and indigestion.


Ginger is renowned for its medicinal properties, it can ease indigestion, heartburn, an upset stomach and it is an anti-inflammatory. If you are using fresh root ginger, chew a one inch piece before a meal, or make a tea and drink it afterwards.

Ginger capsules are also available, take two after food.

To make ginger tea, grate a teaspoon of ginger root, stir it into boiling water, and leave for fifteen to twenty minutes and strain.

Bicarbonate of soda.

This is a widely used ingredient in home remedies. Stir a quarter to half a teaspoon into a glass of water and drink it slowly. It will ease heartburn, indigestion and trapped wind.

Cider vinegar.

Stir a teaspoon of this into a glass of water and sip it slowly after a meal. It has a really unpleasant taste so you might want to add some honey in to make it bearable.

Boiled water.

Many people swear by this remedy, simply sip a cup of water that has been boiled. Boiling removes the impurities from water, and drinking hot water will help to clean the inside of the body. Sip it slowly.

Peppermint tea.

Widely used as a cure for indigestion, try to drink three cups a day. Do not use peppermint to try and cure indigestion, it can make it worse.

Chew your food slowly and thoroughly, your food needs to be coated in saliva before it reaches your digestive system

Try not to drink twenty minutes before or after you eat, drinking dilutes your digestive juices.


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