My Precious Children

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I know I didn’t get to meet you;
Many of you never got a name;
Your still in my heart and I feel you;
There forever, you will remain.

The years they continue;
Yet still it hurts no less;
But I know now, You’re all so special;
And for this I should feel blessed.

At this moment my loss feels greater;
How I wish that I could have felt;
Just one touch from each of you;
But this card, i was never dealt.

And now our Leah has joined you;
To play with till the end of time;
Games only you will know of;
Take care of her children of mine.

For only fifteen days among us;
Yet an impact she did make;
Made me think more often about you;
So thank you to her, my heart feels more awake.

My darlings I’ll love you forever;
And one day I’ll hold you at last;
To be with you all for eternity;
Then this pain that I feel will have past.


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