How To Throw A National Pie Day Party

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1.   First should be americana party decorations because that is what makes a first impression. Pies are part of what it means to be american…”As American as apple pie”. They are warm, they can come in any and all flavors and everyone is happy to see one on a bad day. See, just like an american! So go find your friends and tell them about the party. Tell them it is a pot luck! Next think of your favorite pie. Savory pies can be chicken,chicken and vegetable, turkey, ground beef, shephard’s, and chinese stir-fry pie. Quiche can be great also. Cherry, apple, pumpkin, mince, blueberry, raspberry, peach, chocolate silk, peanut butter, the list keeps going! Pick your crust…crumb, dough, crustless, oreo, graham cracker, again it can be anything! So try and get everything!

2.   Clean the house and wait for the greatest party to start. Guest show up with all of the wonderful pies and all you did was clean! You can even collect recipes from everyone and bind them for gifts the next holiday season! Free gift! Gotta love pies!

3.  Movies to watch are the American Pie series and American Pie song. Games can be a pie eating contest, best pie recipe, best pie crust and pie throwing contest!


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