Why Do Website Owners Still Need Html Skills?

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Well, there are hundreds of handy HTML editors like the DreamWeaver available at your disposal, which can get the job done. But, at the end of the day, if you just need to insert an external link into your content or alter a menu tab, it simply makes no sense to outsource such a silly thing to a web programmer, and pay $10 for it (that’s what a web programmer charges on the lower side).

So, it is quite possible that you may actually decide to grasp the basics of HTML coding, and save the money spent on getting such things done by others.

How tough is it really?

Fortunately HTML is not one of those complex programming languages like C, C++, Java, and the likes of them. Hence, it wouldn’t really require more than 1-2hours to grasp the basics on-the-go. Once you master the basics, it’s all about applying what you’ve learnt and see the beautiful results as you’ll be able to alter the background colours of your web pages, insert images, insert links or add the menu tabs within minutes.

You don’t really need to take up professional coaching or read through 1000 pages of bible-like tutorial books, in order to learn HTML coding. Special HTML coding skills can help you in creating some killer websites, though the HTML skills required by website owners don’t really fall under this category.
Basic HTML Skills Required by Website Owners

As a website owner, all that you need to do is to learn the following basic things:

• Use of the Basic HTML tags – < b >, < br >, < p > , < img >, < a > 

For instance – < p > Hello World < /p > will make the text “Hello World” appear in form of a paragraph rather than a normal text

• How to insert an image using < img > tag: < img src= ” url ” / > where URL could be the path on your file-system or any live website.

• How to create hyperlinks – Example: < a href=” http://freeonlineprogrammingtutorials.com” > Free Online Programming Tutorials < /a > will insert a link pointing to the website freeonlineprogrammingtutorials.com

• Changing background colour, using header tags, frames

• Learning HTML Formatting and HTML Styles

The Bottom-line

The importance of HTML skills is still quite high, though the web programmers need to know the advanced stuff like PHP, Java, MySQL, and the latest programming languages like Ruby-on-Rails, in order to survive in the industry.

However, as far as the HTML skills required by website owners are concerned, simply getting the basics right is more than enough.

So, what are you waiting for? Start learning the basics, and soon you’ll find yourself making changes to your own website, without really wasting any money on paying web programmers for changing the colour of your web pages every single time.



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