How intimacy can be kep in a relationship

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Sex brings a special union between a couple. When you get comfortable about sex with your mate,you gain confidence in that relationship. This will bring you two closer together as it makes the sexual and emotional connection more intense and brings it up a level. These points should be considered especially if your relationship is becoming a little routine or stale.

Before you try anything of hese tips you should make sure that you understand your partners likes and dislikes because instead of the intimate moment you intend to experience could actually become a disaster if not thought out. Your partner will not be comfortable with any of the following tips if you appear to uncertain or selfish.

Step 1   It may seem unimportant but talking erotic/sexy to your mate goes a long way.Not only saying the words,it’s how you say them.Get close to the earlobe so they can feel your breath on their ear. If your partner is one who is ticklish then you may need to experiment a little on how close and which spots are less ticklish first before you try it. That will send chills up anyones spine. If done correctly.

Step 2     It doesnt hurt to touch a little in public.It’s great because the intensity is building up, so when you get home your both hot and bothered and the experience will be even more passionate.

Step 3    Something that is relly hot is to undress slowly,just to add to the anticipation of that special moment. This will make that desired moment more special.


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