How to train your child from childhood to adulthood

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One of the most fascinating times in a persons life is the change from childhood to adolescence. There are changes that a person goes through during this time. They range from mental,physical and emotional changes. During these changes children need the support of their parents more han ever. Now is the time when they will have have confusion, questions and problems regarding their many issues.

Step 1 When teenagers seem to demand more freedom than you allow and parents seem to give less freedom.Allow the freedom on a trial basis.If they prove themselves responsible then gradually give them more freedom.

Step 2  Give your adolescence the opprotunity to reason on the choices he makes.Help him to see how his choices will reflect on him. Express to him that the choices he makes will either boost his reputation or damage it.

Step 3  Let your adolescence feel the consequences of his actions so that he will always remember that experience and what not to do.Don’t always come to his rescue when he messes up.Be there as a guide to teach him,but don’t settle his problems for him because he will not learn the lesson of consequences.

Step 4  Make it a project to educate your adolescent on adult issues they are going face in the near future. Alchol,drugs,pregnancy and employment.

Step 5  Express your concern and let them know that you are aware of the change they are going through. Let them know that you know it’s a difficult time and that you are there for them and you will get through this together and they are not alone.


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