Laboring to Love People: Excerpt from Laboring to Love Myself

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“You don’t know those people you see along the street while riding a bus, driving a car, or flying in a plane.  If you weren’t so consumed by your past and present thoughts, just maybe you would say something to them. It doesn’t have to be anything earth shattering or embarrassing, but you don’t.  Another opportunity came and went, you are insecure with you.  This is yet another sign you haven’t reached the kind of self love that conquers fear, worry, and stress.  You have to move out the way so that another dimension of yourself can come springing forth!”  My subconscious was preaching.

“You may say you don’t fear people.  You may say you like people.  You may even go so far as to say how much you love them.  Really, are you sure?  They haven’t said anything to you or done anything for you.  Maybe that’s why you don’t speak to others as they pass by, because you know they can do nothing for you.  Back to lesson one!  Ask yourself, what is the definition of love?”  There was no debate, the Holy Spirit was telling me the truth.

When I step outside of work mode and go out into the public, in my view I see people just being people.  I don’t see anything about them that could help or hurt me – they just exist like me.  But on a good day when I am wearing my special spiritual sunglasses, I see souls.  Some are lost while others are found.  They are happy, sad, angry, and confused.  Some are young, old, healthy, and sick.  When I see people in a different light, I love them.  I won’t allow myself to judge them.  I will make a point and help them with either a small or large task or remember to contact them via phone, email, mail, or give them a gift.  That, my friend, is a good day for me!

But on bad days, I have to go back to lesson one of “What is the definition of love?”  Sometimes I come out of my shell and other times I don’t.  Thank God for God, He isn’t “wishy-washy, sometimey, or fake” like we can be at times!

It’s unfortunate but the selfish of this world will attempt to take advantage of you because of the goodness you choose to live by.  They will not hesitate to remind you of your generosity in order to benefit them.  “Don’t you believe in helping people…you know Christians are suppose to…”  Be discerning that’s what any believer should be when it comes to the selfish challenging the sincerity of your love.


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