Look Beyond What You See: Evil Entertainers Using The Subconscious Mind

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Most people want to live their lives uncomplicated, free of accountability, and dare I say it, with very little if any hard work.  They don’t want to have to do, say or think about anything that requires study, sacrifice, work, or discipline.  They don’t know what it means to put their flesh under subjection and let their spirit lead the way.  Think of how many times in your life time you have heard people say, “That’s hard.  Isn’t there an easier way?  How long is this?  Why do I have to read this?”  Anything that requires time, sacrifice, dedication or hard work most people will avoid it like a plague which brings me to my point.  Why would any entertainer bother to give you messages that obviously are dark, manipulative, evil, and sinister all under the guise of “freedom of speech,” and describe them as “artistic, innovative and educational?”  Because they know that within you is another dimension that some call spiritual, others call subconscious, and still others refer to as a third eye, and it is in that place they know they can get you to conform to the way they think as well as get you to support various agendas.  Besides, they know most people don’t like to think deeply much less study.

The subconscious mind thinks while you sleep, receives while you are awake, and busily processes messages you have received in the recent past and present while you are sitting there doing nothing.  For example, if I put something in front of your face out of view where you can’t easily see it, but in slight view that if you look hard enough you can see it, you will eventually want of it without knowing that you have been brainwashed into thinking about it on a subconscious level.  If I repeat enough words to you, in a way that evokes various emotions, then I will get you to do, think and feel the same way I do.  However, if I am not clever with what I say and do to get you to conform, then I will turn you off and the message will be deleted from your mind.  Somehow, I have to impact you to see things as I see it.  This is what happens when those who work behind the scenes in creating and breaking an entertainer.  They have to get you to think the way they want you to think. For instance, today a singer is hot, a rapper is “all dat” and tomorrow he or she isn’t in the mainstream public, so as to make room for the next entertainer while the old one works on his or her next hit.

When you see an entertainer on your television screen, on a billboard, a magazine, newspaper, and on the Internet, you are subliminally being programmed to keep him or her employed.  You may have a poster, a CD and a movie advertising this person.  At first glance, there is nothing that appears harmless, until you start seeing, hearing, and feeling things about this person that make you feel uncomfortable in your spirit.  Maybe it was a new song that you can’t seem to get out of your head or maybe they said something during a recent interview that made you wonder if you should even be watching them much less allowing their voice into your home.  This is the part that lazy thinkers don’t want to do–question why they like a certain entertainer while exploring those negative feelings that seem to be impacting them every time they hear this person’s songs or watch their movies.  It is easier to just keep following then to change one’s way of thinking. 

Lazy thinkers, narcissist, ignorant people, and the obsessive compulsive types don’t want to hear anything about an entertainer that disturbs their opinion about them.  They are sold out to their idols (Doesn’t the Holy Bible warn about idol worship?) that’s why they are called fans (fanatics) especially if the artists made them feel good with their song, dance or movie.  No wonder the entertainer loves their fans so much and hates those that question, critique, or treat them like people and not gods–they keep their pockets full of cash.  The fan, when told about the entertainer’s fallacies, usually responds with, “So, big deal!  Who cares?”  The fan wants to stay in his or her fantasy world with the perfect image of the artist and never come out.  Entertainers know this and so do the creators behind the scenes who make or break them.   That is why some entertainers will present themselves like the male or female stripper who dances around the pole at the club.  They will parade around semi-nude while gyrating or rubbing on his or her self.  Their gestures are saying, “That’s right lazy thinker, think about me.  I will make you feel good.  Buy my CD, my concert ticket, and watch my movie!” Sometimes they insult you without you knowing it, “Little monster, jerk, pathetic, dumb, idiot.  You don’t even see the message I am delivering!”  However, the truth is that as we all know, once we come out of fantasy land the feelings are temporal.  It’s business as usual.  We don’t get angry at the entertainer, but at those around us who can’t live up to our expectations.  The sex is never good enough, the house, car and bank account never large enough to fulfill those false desires of our hearts.  Those desires are like fairy tale books, make-believe, pretend play that is not always our own, usually because someone influenced us to want for something that we don’t really need, may not agree with, or isn’t really our destiny in life.  We all can’t be rich.  We all can’t be famous.  We all can’t be beautiful.  We all can’t be smart.  The reality is that we all have different gifts that serve different purposes, but in the end it’s what makes us happy not what the world tells us will make us happy!  If you are a fan of someone or something, what you really need is not an idol to accomplish in life what is so deeply buried within that you don’t even know anymore what will satisfy the hunger inside.  But what you might want to consider is how are overwhelmed you might be by the television and Internet messages staring you in front of your face and how these messages are impacting your relationship with others and your lifestyle.  You forget what really matters in life, when you are too busy chasing after temporal things.

Entertainers use various techniques with their voices and are used like slaves nowadays to promote “big government” agendas.  They may have started early on in their careers sincerely caring about their fans, but there comes a point after harsh criticism and ugliness behind the scenes done to them that they stop caring.  When this happens, they become more than just an entertainer, they consider themselves to be a god and are told so by those around them.  They start saying and doing things to get you to worship them.  They know that if they can sell you like a pastor selling the gospel to a Christian, they got you!  Unfortunately, many pastors have become like entertainers in the music industry, their own gods.  They act, sing, dance, and create programs and groups, to get you to do whatever they want.  They say, “Worship God” but their actions prove otherwise.  Some pastors even select certain clothing to draw you in.  “Wow he looks fit with that form fitted shirt!  I like that tie.  Look at her clothes, car and jewelry,” you think.  “If God did all that for her and him, then surely he will do it for me.”  Unfortunately, the lazy, ignorant thinker doesn’t reason, “Well she got all of those things because she has a following.  In order for me to get all that she or he has, I need a following too that is willing to give to me.”  This is also true for the entertainer.  You can’t get to where he or she is in the world if you don’t have a following.

Entertainers have followings public, private, fraternal, and secret.  They boldly walk on stages and red carpets demonstrating who they represent in order for you to follow them.  Look carefully at what they do and say.  Take a look at some of those symbols around their necks, on their ears, and printed on their skin.  Do you question any of what you see?  If the entertainer worships God, the devil, support various organizations or have something they are promoting, they show it through hand signs and clothing.  If they need to send a powerful message to people in other countries, they will orchestrate shows, use symbolic messages, and other things that may look genuine, nice, great, wonderful, etc. but really are not just to get someone somewhere to do whatever they want.  Lazy thinkers look at things at face value, intelligent thinkers look beyond what is in front of their eyes.  They ask questions.  They want to know, “Why did he do that?  Why was she dressed like that?  What does that hand sign really mean?  What does the eye of the pyramid mean?  Who is he representing with the t-shirt that he is wearing?  What does that song really mean?  Does that lyric make any sense?”

We must not overlook the fact that some individuals and organizations purposely do things for attention sake to go against the norms of society.  For instance, if your group stands by Christian beliefs, rest assured someone will come to your meeting objecting to group principles by doing something shocking, dark, or strange.  People do things for attention, to gain money, power, fame, or to get revenge.  Some young minds who are sold out on a certain entertainer will not believe what anyone says even if there is proof.  The only way to change some diehard fan’s opinion of certain entertainers is to utilize the same tools that got them to believe in the entertainer in the first place.  Create something new, interesting in a young fan’s life to redirect his or her attention.  Provide example after example of why the entertainer’s message is no good, and most of all don’t be the role model who wavers in your belief system.  If you want to present a good message, you can’t support a bad one, no matter how much you want to gain popularity with the young people, so watch looking like the idol and acting like he or she too.  We have seen many politicians fall, because they talked out of two sides of their mouth (they were hypocrites.)  They say things like, “Well I don’t agree with homosexuality, but its okay for them to get married.  I don’t agree with abortions, but I respect a woman’s right to choose.”

Most entertainers will bombard you with all sorts of messages not necessarily because they want to, but because they signed a contract, they made a promise to the one who can make and break them, and they unfortunately sold themselves to the devil.  People who have no conscious for life will even go so far as to kill to get ahead.  In certain circles, some entertainers have been indoctrinated to believe that if they give a blood sacrifice they will move up the ladder of success.  Some church leaders support occult organizations and activities because that means more money for the church.   It’s only a matter of time that those of us alive and well right now, will see in our lifetime what we once considered to be great leaders fall, because they signed contracts that have long expired, so now they are feeling guilty about their actions and upset because the witness who once pushed them to sign the contract, didn’t hold true as promised.  The inflated ego will come crashing down wanting to talk and someone or some group will quietly hush them with the threat of a mental institution, a trumped up criminal charge, or unfortunately death.  Meanwhile, the fan sitting in the dark will buy into whatever the story of the day is without so much as thinking, “Why?”


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