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Freecycle is a world-wide gifting movement to reduce waste. It works by connecting internet users in a specific geographical area for the purpose of giving items that are no longer wanted or needed. If you are interested in freecycling, but there is not a group in your area, it is easy to start one!

Direct your internet browser to: and find your location to see if there is already a group in your area. If there is already a freecycle group in your area, be sure to join! It is a wonderful experience. If there is not a group in your area, read on to learn how to establish one. If you are not in the US, there is a link at the top to choose another country.

If you have browsed for a group in your area and didn’t find it listed in the active groups, scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a link below the search bar that says, “No local group? Apply for a new one.”  Through this link, you can establish a new freecycle group, or simply go to

You will arrive at a form that requires you to enter the following information.  Complete the form as accurately as possible. It will be used to determine acceptance of your group.

*your name
*your email address
*the town, city, or county, state, country or territory of your potential group.
*a brief comment as to why a freecycle group would benefit your area

If your group is accepted you will be given instructions on how to establish the group on Yahoo groups. There will be a mentor assigned to you. This person will check to ensure you have set up each of the group requirements correctly and guide you if you have not.

Read the freecycle website thoroughly to ensure you have a good understanding of the freecycle rules, policies and procedures. You will be the group owner and it is important to make sure the group follows the global freecycle guidelines.

Once your group is established and live on yahoo groups, people will begin signing up! Be sure you are ready by putting the rules and guidelines for your group in writing. You can customize for your specific group, but they should never contradict the global group guidelines.

Enlist some friends, or outstanding group members to assist you in moderating the posts to your group. You will need the help! As your group grows, so do the responsibilities of owning and moderating it.

Stay informed on current topics by joining the Freecycle Mod Squad Group. It is an informational email group for freecycle moderators to keep them up-to-date on current issues.


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