How to be closer to God

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Most religions in any denominations believe that there is one supreme being who guides, protects and provide all of us. For some believers, there are instances in their lives that they feel they are moving farther to God or Supreme Being maybe due to the busy life in this modern world. Here are great tips to go back and be closer to God again.

  1. Pray regularly by opening your heart to the Lord about what matters to you in every area and in every aspect of your life. Whether it is short-term or long-term you feel like you are releasing that situation, circumstance, problem or person in God’s capable hands. Even if you don’t get an answer or result right away just know that our God above you heard your request and will answer it in his own time.
  2. Enrich Jesus in your life by confessing your transgressions. By confessing your sins, iniquities, and transgressions before the Lord can you be forgiven and Jesus enter into your life. When God forgives you of the transgressions your are being freed from whatever is preventing you from drawing closer to God and saving your soul. Don’t forget to ask God for your salvation as well.
  3. Reading your Bible by yearning to be closer to him. By reading your bible you are getting the word in your spirit. As you read a chapter, story, or a book a day in the bible can you start to yearn to be closer to him because you are beginning to read more of his word. Your appetite for the Lord is growing as well.

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