How to Know When a Guy Wants a Relationship?

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Women watch out for commitment phobic guys! They are everywhere and they are very exciting, in fact they can carry a very interesting conversation.
Commitment phobic are wise guys as hell, they are very attractive and very sweet. You even mistakenly assume that they like you so much because they take extra mile just for you. But you have to understand they only want fun and never settle down. Before reading the steps to know if a guy is serious commit first to yourself. Love yourself first before looking for others to love you.

a.) They are boring and shy type of men at first but when you get to know how to make them tick they are fun and wholesome to be with.

b.) They are not touchy and flirty, they are very respectful men and they find some great confidence to call you and you can even feel that they shy away most of the times.

c.)  They introduce you to friends they meet but in a respectful manner. Ask them about their relationship with their moms or sisters and you’d know what kind of men they are. Most gentlemen are those who have great relationships with their moms.

d.) They do not rush into bed and they like enjoying your company and wants to go places with you other than trips to motels. They also like to do hobbies with you and invite you often to share their hobbies with.

e.) They have less vices and they have wholesome friends similar to them. But don’t be deceived with physical aspects. But you would feel that he has good friends when they do not make you feel out of place, they are warm to be around.

f.) He likes relationship when he doesn’t short cut processes of courtship. He gives you flowers with love notes and it is not only at the start. Relationship for him is sacred and he wants a girl to be deserving of his love. Give him time to express himself.

You should be a girl with respect and who deserve respect. Never be agressive of sexual things, real men who wants relationships find it a turn-off. You can flirt to them but not over flirt. They are still men, they have chasing instinct and once you allow them to chase you they would feel great. Remember a man keeps a woman who makes him feel great.


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