How To Make Colored Sugars For Cookies and Desserts

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Your ingredients for this project:

*  1 cup of White sugar
*  2 drops of liquid food coloring
*  A single gallon size plastic zipper top ziploc bag

1. Start by setting up an area for decorating, wash your hands and get your ingredients ready. Place all of the white sugar into the plastic ziploc bag with a tight zipper top.

2.  Carefully drip the liquid food coloring of your choice into the sugar, close the plastic bag tightly, and shake vigorously for about 1 minute. Adjust color with additional food coloring and repeat if the color is too light.

3.  You can now decorate your desserts or cookies professionally by cutting the small edge creating a piping area. You can make straight lines or swirls with the sugar now! Or sprinkle over a cut out shapes on top of your cookies. Easy to change to the theme…just get the right color!


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