How to apply the Law of Attraction in your life

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In this very fast paced world, many people are trapped and many people are depressed to cope up the daily needs.
If we just know the secret to have a positive outlook in life, we would have a happier more healthy living. Law of Attraction means that you attract the things you keep on thinking. As the saying goes, watch your thoughts they become your actions, watch your actions they become your habit, watch your habit they become your destiny. Once you keep on thinking about something and focusing on it you would attain it with patience. You should have patience in your life as the world was not made in a day so could you. With practice and patience you would be amazed on how effective Law of Attraction in your life would be.

1.) Ask – Decide first what you want and you have to ask what you want. You can verbally or mentally ask for it. When you ask about a wish you would have a full hope that you would attain or gain it. You have to accompany it with positive manifestations, cut out pictures similar to your wish(es). Place it to those places that is easy for you to remind you of what you want. The more you see it, the more you are reminded of your wish.

2.) Stay Positive – Be positive that you would get what you wished for. Of course you have to be realistic and truthful with your goal as well. One should also grab the opportunity when he thinks he has. One would feel the opportunity is coming because of the positive impulse. Take that impulse into action and be positive that it would result to the your goal.

3.) Count your blessings – You can do this by asking everyone at supper what he or she is thankful for that day. Staying focused on all the good that is all ready in your lives is a sure bet that you’ll notice a lot more good things coming in every day. Even the simplest little thing to be grateful about can help snowball bigger and better things into your life. If it helps, keep a list with you of things you have written that you are grateful about. Then on a bad day, you can take that list out and remember what you wrote and feel that gratitude all over again.

4.) Receive – Do what you can when the opportunity knocks at your door and then be thankful about it.

When you think you are falling back to negativity again, try to jump with joy and pretend to be jolly. Later on you’d feel you are actually feeling happy. With constant practice and patience you’d attain your goals. If you do not act, you will not get the opportunity. You must do your part to attain your goals. The universe arranges things for you and you have to work for it as well.


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