Woman In The Making Of History

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Woman are important because they have a mission to raise children.  Soon it will be the International Women Day on March eighth. This means that women will be remembered every where in the world especially in the countries where the United Nations charter of human rights was adopted.  So, women and men are considered equal and they can both decide on the future of their children. Women should be given equal opportunities especially with regards to the education of the children at home and at school. Nowadays, the nanny has become like part of the family for the baby and this helps the new mother to learn how to handle the baby.

Then, the mission to raise children is not easy at all. You have to be interested in many aspects of social life for example in crafts, music and literature. This is very simple because then the children can know what to do during their spare time that is not boring and will even become like a future goal for a job.

So, the information about International Women Day can be spread all around the world because the mothers and the mothers to be need to know how to be efficient. Their are women who have succeeded in their careers, or as mothers. The woman by having children contribute to the advancement of society, because some schools need to be built and there are projects to educate more for example in Information Technology and Health Admnistration.

Therefore, Happy International Woman Day and enjoy your Mother, your Grand Mother and your Wife for this great day.


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