Collecting John F. Kennedy 1960 Campaign Memorabilia

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Framed 1960 JFK campaign poster $418.25 (Heritage Auction Galleries)

JFK Campaign Pins

Political pins were still a major deal back in 1960. They were produced by both the campaign and outside organizations, such as labor unions, professional associations and civil rights groups.

Common JFK pins are still affordable, with values ranging from $5-10. Among the entries: “If I Were 21 I’d Vote For Kennedy,” “For President John F. Kennedy” and “Kennedy Is Best For Me.”

Rarer JFK presidential pins can be pricey, often requiring a substantial “campaign contribution” on the part of the buyer. Recent auction results for these rarities in top condition include “Shoe Workers for Kennedy” ($448.13), “Kennedy ’60” with no photo ($776.75), “Kennedy-Johnson” small jugate ($262.90) and “All The Way With J.F.K./Kennedy For President” ($107.55).

Another rarity to look for is the “Citizens for Kennedy Welcome Aboard” clear panel insert pin issued at a JFK Connecticut fundraiser. One near mint example brought $717 at auction.

JFK 1960 campaign pin $286.80 (Heritage Auction Galleries)

John F. Kennedy Election Night Press Pin

For super JFK collectors, the ultra rare “Kennedy Election Night Press” pin is the holy grail in the field. A word only entry (no photo), this simple pin is set in black lettering on a light greenish-beige background. Only several examples are known to exist, with one pin bringing $3,107 at auction.

Rare 1960 John F. Kennedy press pin $3,107 (Heritage Auction Galleries)

JFK Campaign Posters, Brochures, Hats

Not too many JFK posters survived the campaign. One that did, a patriotic red, white and blue example touting “A Time for Greatness, Kennedy For President,” sold at auction for $310.70.

Tens of thousands of JFK campaign brochures were produced. One unique example, signed by Kennedy in green ink while on the campaign trail, brought $1,314.50 at auction.

Kennedy campaign hats, such as the straw versions worn at the 1960 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, are valued at $50-100, depending on condition.

Autographed 1960 John F. Kennedy campaign brochure $1,314.50 (Heritage Auction Galleries)

Frank Sinatra High Hopes JFK Record

For serious JFK collectors with a musical bent, a special 1960 recording of “High Hopes” by pal Frank Sinatra is a must. “Everyone is voting for Jack, ‘Cause he’s got what all the rest lack…’Cause he’s got High Hopes…” This promotional 45 rpm record, featuring “High Hopes”/”All the Way,” was not widely distributed in 1960 and was never sold in stores. A pristine example is valued at over $125 today.

Miscellaneous JFK Autographs, Political Memorabilia

The 1960 Kennedy-Johnson campaign machine churned out a vast array of miscellaneous memorabilia as well. Here are some examples, with winning bid noted courtesy Heritage Auction Galleries and R&R Auction:

  • JFK handwritten notes on New York City’s Statler Hilton Hotel stationery outlining a 1960 speech on the Middle East ($2,987.50)

  • Full-size Kennedy for President license plate, green lettering on white background ($298.75)

  • JFK PT-109 Lucite paperweight given to all Kennedy delegates at the 1960 Democratic National Convention ($310.70)

  • Unused Kennedy For President bumper sticker ($61)

  • November 7, 1960, issue of Time magazine picturing “Candidate Kennedy” and autographed by JFK ($1,006)

  • Kennedy-Johnson matching brass die made by Struppman & Co. New York City ($546.25)

  • Artist’s rendition of Kennedy clipped from 1960 testimonial dinner program honoring California Governor Edmund G. “Pat” Brown signed by JFK ($1,655.29)

  • John F. Kennedy 1960 PT-109 jewelry pendant ($35)

  • John and Jackie Kennedy 1963 nodders from Pico Novelty Co. mint-in-box ($896.25)

John and Jackie Kennedy 1963 nodders $896.25 (Heritage Auction Galleries)

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