Spring Party Planning

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As winter ebbs away and spring brings with it a renewed energy and desire for being active, it’s time to start thinking about ways to fully enjoy spring. One way is with a spring oriented party. A spring party is great both for a women get together or for a kid’s princess party. Plan a small meal outside to enjoy the weather and time with your friends.

All things for a spring party should make full use of bright spring colors, pinks, yellows, bright greens. Butterflies, flowers and fairies can all be used for decorations and more. Of course don’t forget to make use of fresh fruits for your food.

Find a light colored table cloth, pink or yellow is great. Consider looking at a fabric store for some fabric with roses or daisies on it to really brighten your table. Be sure to have flowers in a vase on your table. Things like butterfly plates or fairy place markers can really make your table look nice.

Keep it light and fun. Use skewers that you find at most grocery stores to make fruit skewers. Either cut the fruit yourself or buy it precut from some stores. Use this opportunity to use your melon baller to make easy bite size fruit pieces for munching on. Of course you need sweets so make sugar cookies with candy pieces in them or cupcakes with light colored frosting. For drinks make cool-aid if a princess party or fruit juices for the ladies.

Consider having all guests dress up in their spring finest to fully embrace the fun of a spring party. If you are looking for something to do try having a pamper day either at home or by all agreeing to go to a salon. Having your nails, hair or make-up done can really give you a feeling of being bright and new, just like the season. Spring holds great weather and beautiful flowers that make for nice backdrops for getting out of the house and getting together with friends. Shake off the winter blahs and get out there!


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