Quickest Way To Lose Weight

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As the number of people who are overweight goes up, the quickest way to lose weight is on everyone’s mind. The market is teeming with weight loss pills and diet products, promising to get rid of pounds of fat, and fast. Most quick diets are effective because they result in the loss of water weight, instead of actual fat.

The body stores water in case of dehydration, and at times can carry as much as ten pounds. Many diets involve an increase in water consumption, whether by incorporating the 8 glasses a day rule, or through homemade liquid concoctions and soups. When the body starts receiving more water, it no longer needs to store as much, and excess water is flushed, resulting in fast weight loss. In any event, drinking more water is almost always great advice, not just for quick weight loss, but long-term nutrition and overall health.

The reason most dieters give up is because they expect faster results, and when the scale only shows a loss of a pound or two per week, they become discouraged and quit. Quick weight loss in the beginning motivates dieters to stay on track and keep from gaining back what they have already lost, which encourages fat loss.

Cleansers are the quickest way to lose weight. The body holds on to a lot of waste products, as well as water. Detoxifying our bodies of this material can remove as much as ten pound in a week. Lots of these detox diets exist.  One of the most common and well-known is the Master Cleanse Diet. A person will definitely drop pounds quickly if they are able to refrain from eating solid foods.

Also called the lemonade diet, this cleansing diet consists of drinking a homemade lemonade cocktail, made from lemon juice with maple syrup and some cayenne pepper. Along with dropping pounds, this diet also cleanses the body of toxins, restoring natural energy.
One more useful tip is the cabbage soup diet. While many would not automatically see it as cleansing, the soup is mostly water, and it also requires drinking an additional 4 cups of water per day, resulting in a fast loss of water weight. The diet is set up to allow for reasonable portions of one particular kind of food per day to go with the cabbage soup, lasting a total of 7 days. Your can easily find this soup diet on the web.

Water weight loss is not going to stay off forever, but it can be used effectively as a way to kick start a healthy way of eating. Moreover, it can help drop pounds quickly in time for a special occasion.
Finding the quickest way to lose weight is a great initial decision, but you will have to do more in order to lose weight permanently. After the water and waste pounds have been lost, you will need to start making new habits to begin losing fat. The concept of losing weight is simple – you need to burn more calories that you consume.

Sometime easier said than done, proper nutrition and a regular workout schedule are still the VERY BEST methods to rid yourself of excess fat. Many eating plans exist that will tell a person what should be consumed or how many calories and/or carbohydrates should be taken in on a daily basis. Not to be confused with such diets that restrict us to what we MUST eat, for these tend not to work very well. Being disgusted with what you HAVE to eat is far more likely to give you a reason to quit.

A lot of dieters discover that they are able to eat what they usually do, but in smaller amounts. Adding foods that burn more calories during the digestive process than they contain in the first place helps curb hunger as well as burn fat. Many fruits, nuts, and veggies are such “negative-calorie foods,” as they have been called.

Joining a weight loss group, such as Weight Watchers, an online support group, or an office weight loss competition has been shown to increase results. Accountability is the key!  Having a partner to keep you “in check” and on track helps everyone stay motivated and stick with it. Combined with an increase in activity, these steps lead to a healthy, long term weight loss.


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