Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Daily Exfoliating Gel Cleanser Review

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Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure daily exfoliating gel cleanser is a face wash which is designed to remove facial dirt as well as purify the skin. The ingredients used to make this possible are Vitamin E, grape seeds, oatmeal acid, unknown green leaf extracts and jojoba micro beads. According to the label, this face wash is dermatology tested, oil-free, does not block pores and hypoallergenic. So far what we have learned is from Garnier itself. But its real testers are us customers who have the ultimate say on whether this product is effective or not.

This is the first time I have used Garner’s facial product. And I just need to assert that I am somewhat satisfied with it. Actually, this product is good as long as we do not seek for any specific effectiveness from it like acne washing. Interestingly, reading the label might give us the idea that it eliminates much dirt. But this is not even the case! Even after washing the face you might get the feeling that the dirt is not completely gone. As a matter of fact, a sticky sensation can be felt. Secondly, the gel contains more than enough micro beads which are not easy to get rid of through water. As an experiment, I used it once in shower. To my surprise, the beads were still stuck around my neck after I finished it. Also it is important that only a little drop of it is used. More than that can be not only hard to remove, but also may cause breakouts especially in acne prone oily and combination skins. Why is it so? This is because although the label claims it is oil-free, the gel is somewhat creamy. Besides, the beads are sharper which during the exfoliating process triggers the skin to generate oil. Consequently, the breakouts end up happening. Even after all this, I must give credit to its scent which does not smell like medication. In fact, it is so light, yet refreshening that it can have a relaxing and healing effect on you. Additionally, the gel has some kind of mint like herb in it which leaves a cooling effect after use for several minutes. But with this comes a negative impact! If the gel goes in your eye you feel the irritation very severely. Also it is best to avoid the eye area while using it because of this same problem.

But so that you do not go through the negative impact mentioned above, I would like to give you some tips on how and when to use it. First of all, understand that it is only a cleanser. Therefore, use it only if you do not have any skin problem. In brief, just to wash your face for casual purposes. Secondly, do not get tempted to exfoliate your skin with it vigorously. This can damage your skin through breakouts. Last, do not expect this product to do any miracles like giving you improved skin texture. This is emphasized here because it is an ordinary face cleanser.

Overall, the product does not completely live up to the expectations and the claims made by Garnier. The only plus points it has are its cooling effect and relaxing scent. For all this and more, I would like to give this cleanser two out of five stars.


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