Easy Chicken and Dumplings

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Things You’ll Need:

  • at least 32 oz of chicken broth – homemade is best
  • about 2 C cooked chicken or turkey
  • frozen mixed vegetables (I like the “Italian mix” which has carrots, cauliflower, peas and zucchini squash)
  • 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • bisquick
  • milk


Making your own broth is best for this recipe . It’s easy! Take whatever chicken pieces you have, add at least enough water to cover them and boil. Add some onion and carrot to the water if desired. It is ok if the chicken is frozen – no need to thaw before cooking. Cook for a couple of hours (simmer) until the liquid is reduced and you have a rich, yellowish colored broth. The amount of time and amount of water and chicken are not crucial.


Next, strain the solids from the broth. Reserve the broth in a large Tupperware bowl. Pick through the cooked chicken and remove bones. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces.


Save the broth container in the fridge for cooking later, or put it in a stock pot to make chicken and dumplings right away.


Re-heat the broth and bring it to a rapid boil.


Add about 8 oz of frozen vegetables and the soup. Bring the broth back to a boil again. While you are waiting for the broth, soup and vegetable mixture to boil, mix up the dough for the dumplings in a medium bowl. The recipe is on the Bisquick box. It calls for 2/3 C of Bisquick and 4 tbs of milk. I find this doesn’t make enough dumplings and I double the recipe.


dumplings_Thumb.jpg When the dough is mixed and the broth is back up to a rapid boil, begin dropping spoonfuls of dough directly into the broth. You will need to use your fingers or another spoon to get the dough off the spoon or spatula.


A few minutes later, the dumplings will be cooked through and your dinner is ready! This recipe makes enough for 6 generous servings.

  • I usually make broth on the weekend and save it to make this recipe in the middle of the week.
  • The amounts given to make the broth are not crucial. Make as much or as little broth as you like. Mix water with your broth if you think you need a little more.
  • You can use canned broth, but its not nearly as good.
  • You can also use refrigerator biscuits instead of Bisquick to make the dumplings. Simply cut each uncooked biscuit into four pieces and drop them into the boiling broth.

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