Unfinished Business: The Dull Dead Matter of Growing Up!

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MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Unresolved Issues in Childhood

There’s an undomesticated mischievous child in all of us who never grows up! Not unlike Pinocchio, whose nose grew every time he told a lie, if warts grew on us every time we denied an unacceptable latent curiosity, or fantasized ideally about an enriched (embellished)  day dream of being the most recognizable and sought after person on earth, exercising fame/fortune/power beyond the wildest stretch of the most celebrated imagination, possessing unlimited sexual beauty with unending attracting erotic pleasure, heralding a financial empire to make Bill Gates seem like a pauper in comparison, we would be massively covered ‘head to toe.’  We imagine ourselves far more grandly invigorating studiously capable than we are willing to invest the intellect, time, effort, energy, money, commitment and psychical exchange demanded. We believe but just not enough.

Belief exists unconditionally in childhood. Imagination thrives exponentially. We are irresolutely proficient in jumping tall buildings, scaling dangerous mountainous peaks, swimming vast killer shark filled oceans, capturing the entire enemy army single handedly while rescuing every fair maiden damsel in distress.  But, then the inevitable happens. One day, we realize we’re mere mortals and we start placing far more emphasis on our definitive reachable goal of being somebody instead of the infinite seemingly unattainable gold in the somebody we already are. Nothing changed except for the season. Childhood seasons pass far too quickly and in its place a supposedly respectful mature adult puts away childhood matters (along with those dreams that really do matter). No such chance!

The child remains. Though hidden, disguised and silenced; he remains, irregardless of the issues he has confronted, lived through, survived and conquered. Childhood issues are the ‘whirlpool of happiness or cesspool of pain’ for many. Like it or not, our current lives’ ambitions, dreams and subconscious motivations are directly tied to the memories of the remaining unresolved issues attached to the past. Be that as it may, the undaunted innocence we bring with us at birth still exists, no matter the vacillating paths taken. Life. Indestructibly beautiful and magical, in the completeness of the inconspicuous mystery attached, continues to reveal itself to the ones who are conscious enough to see and brave enough to pursue it.

Everything happens for a divine reason unstated but none the less experienced on many convergent levels. It’s everywhere! It’s everywhere! It’s what we see on our relationships canvas each and every day. Our child refuses to be subordinately contained and overtly subdued for very long.  We are born with an inherent design for miraculous feats, not to be confused with deceptive lies and opaque secrets. We were not meant to live our lives behind the thin pretentious veil of a falsely projected image of acceptability and admiration. We were born as courageous passionate warriors untamable in spirit, unutterable in waves of caressing erotic fabulous ongoing artistic unimpeded creation. We are unapologetic. We are masters of divine essence. But, then the inevitable happens, again. We emphasize the acting (superficial) mortal instead of the encased divinity. We let the little things bother us, unnecessarily, most especially when it involves the ones we supposedly care intimately.

There are many volatile ignited issues that ‘set us off’, so to speak. We inadvertently assign the explosive confrontations to the troubled temperature of the other person. We insist and vehemently declare ‘they’ have problems ‘they’ have not resolved. Often, we end up in heated debates blaming and accusing the other of being insensitive, self-absorbed and/or selfish. However, this is not the case at all. Whatever seems to upset us (no matter how the situation arises) originates from within us, alone. No one is capable of making us mad. We carry the responsive flammable madness inside of ourselves. The other person is merely a convenient vehicle for our being able to release repressed vexation. Instead of belittling the one staring us directly in our face (as an accurate mirror) by aversive arguing, thank her/him for the opportunity to see what’s really going on deep down (buried) inside. Without seeing/hearing it, (the frustrated child) how could we possibly ever know or become aware of our secret corrosive ambiguity?

People don’t change; seasons do. Our child will rise up again, and again and again. Until we take the time to hear him/her by acknowledging the incessant demands generated. No good thing will come by brandishing the child to the padded back room of our minds without acknowledgement or verification of his/her substantial presence.  It’s high time to come to terms with the demanding requests. If it’s true that secrets make one sick, then the biggest secret we carry is our unrelinquished surrender to our subliminal sexual innocent artistic passion. Getting mad is not the answer. Blaming the other is not only senseless but futile. Get with the real program. The season for genuine irrational play has arrived full force. Can you come out or have you banned your child forevermore from doing what he/she does best: “Being natural, spontaneous and convenient” with no exceptions, explanations, excuses, or defenses?


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