Kid's Crafts: Frame For Mom

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Babysitting? Have to keep the kids entertained for a while? Need an affordable Mother’s Day gift? Help your kids create this easy picture frame to give to their mother or teacher.

Items needed:

Flat wooden picture frame

Acrylic paints (red, pink, green)

Paint brush

Pasta (elbow noodles, small shell noodles)

Glue (strong craft glue works best, hot glue will work if the adult does the gluing)

Newspaper to protect work area

Cover your area with something to protect anything you don’t want paint on, kids can be pretty good at painting themselves almost as much as their projects. Allow the kid to paint the wooden frame a color of their choice. If doing this project for a Mom they may want to do Mom’s favorite color. For Valentine’s a pink and red theme is good. Set aside to dry.

Paint a few elbow noodles green to be flower stems. Paint other elbow noodles flower colors such as red, pink or yellow. Do the same with the small shell noodles, some will be flower petals and others can be leaves for the flowers. Kids can paint these shells but some of the younger ones may need a bit of help to totally cover the shells with paint. This is one of the areas that has the biggest mess potential since they are painting such small items.

Once the shells and frame have all dried it is just a matter of gluing the shells to the frame in a flower pattern. If working with older kids they may be able to glue the shells on in a good pattern. However if you are working with really young kids you may want to have them hand you the shells and have you glue them on.

Allow the glue to dry then fill the frame with the child’s picture or other decorative item and it’s ready to be given as a gift!

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