How to avoid being proposed to marry

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As you know,  many women remember the moment when they were proposed to marriage as the most romantic moment of their life in a couple. Some remember it as the only romantic moment of their life in a couple. Just ask some of them and you can be darn sure most will tell you they would do anything to re-live that special sensation.  But what if you don’t want to be proposed by your partner ? What if you feel that it’s not the moment ? Or simply, if you don’t believe in marriage ? How do you avoid being proposed without hurting his feelings or creating an awkward situation ? Luckily for you, you now have some inside information. From a guy.

Let’s just say…

…he’s gonna do it. He’s going to propose you. Maybe you found out from a common friend or maybe you just felt it, like any woman with sharp senses. And, in spite of the fact other women would kill just to be in your place, the only thing that goes through your mind is how to stop him from doing it.

And that, for a million different reasons. Let’s say you like him and want to keep him as a boyfriend. Just as a boyfriend, because you don’t see yourself as his wife.

Perhaps you love him, but you know by far that’s not the moment. Obviously, he doesn’t think the same as you.

Now what ?

Just try to keep it cool. Don’t let him walk right through the end. Destroy the moment that would make both of you feel strange.

How do you do it ? In some cases, it’s quite simple. If he’s sending THAT signal, send him just

the opposite signal. Tell him, before he brings it up, how good your relationship really is thanks

to the fact that you don’t have the pressure of being married.

You could also do it by discussing, accidentally of course, how some of your friends ruined their relationships because they chose to marry. That would get most men thinking twice if proposing you was the best idea in the first place. After all, he was thinking you want the same thing as he does. Right ?

What if he insists ?

Let’s say he’s stubborn like a mule. You suggest him marriage is not the best thing, but he thinks you’re just scared. Or, like most men, thinks he knows better than you and that, in the end, he’ll convince you going to the altar is the best thing to do.

He tries to tell you those cases you mentioned were particular situations. THAT just happened because that friend was cheating. Or she had no patience with him. Those friends of yours were just not meant one for each other, he will tell you.

Mmm…that kind of complicates things, right ? Yes. But there’s always a solution. Don’t cut his wings. Give him hope that marriage is something that could happen in the end. But not now. Talk to him about marriage like it’s thing you should consider in a couple of years. It would work for 99% percent of the guys.

He can’t be stopped !

Okay, but what if your guy is not like that. He’s determined to propose you. No matter what. Well, that takes that special technique that only a woman knows how to do it. Distract him. He speaks softly about how you two have been together for quite a while, you speak to him about something else. Be loud. Be very loud. Seem unfocused. Act stupid, if you must. Still, try not to exaggerate. But get those thoughts out of his head.  

You can’t do it ? He somehow manages to get those magic-tragic words out of his mouth. Well, I tried to help you. You’re on your own now.

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