Tips to Apply Make up correctly

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Women want to look stylish and stunning at all times, Right! In the everyday beauty routine sometimes we tend to get over board and make some make up application blunders. And because of these make up mistakes, instead of getting some admiring glances, we end up getting odd looks. 

Beauty sins happen unknowingly, but relax, here is a list of most common make up tips which I think you should be aware of. So in order to save your self from awkward and embarrassing situations follow these great tips on applying make up.

1) Lip liner

Never use dark lip liner with light shade lipsticks, as it gives a look of an obvious ring around the lips, and also accentuates fine lines around the mouth. Dark lip liner must be used only when you are wearing very dark lipstick. It is always safe to use a neutral coloured lip liner which can go with almost all types of lipstick shades.

2) Concealer/Foundation

When buying the concealer or foundation remember, not to buy a light shade. The purpose is to hide dark areas on your face. If you choose the one which is lighter than your skin, you will only end up calling more attention to the area you are trying to hide. So from now on always buy a shade that matches your skin exactly.

3) Makeup Colours

Bold pinks and oranges look grand for special occasions, but for every day, they’re harsh and they age your skin and harm your skin badly. Instead choose  for neutral makeup palette, based on browns, roses, and beiges. These colour tones work for almost all skin color types and give a glowing and smart look at all times.

4) Contouring

Trying to sculpt cheekbones with brown powder usually backfires, making the feature you’re trying to hide more noticeable and prominent. And all that brown powder actually looks a lot like dirt on your face! Instead apply blush to the apples of your cheeks to get a natural look. The color will highlight the round part of your cheek, naturally making the hollow underneath more pronounced.

5) Emphasizing too many features

Focus on the eyes or the lips and not both of them. The right method is to emphasize on just one of them to get the correct results. Do not do over shimmering, don’t do the eyes, mouth and cheeks, simply choose just one.

6) Eyeliner

Never use the eyeliner, especially liquid liner, to exaggerate the shape of your eyes or attempt tricks to make your eyes look big. The rule is to apply the liner as close to the lashes as possible.

Don’t ever sleep with your make up on. Your skin is already rich in its own natural oils, it gets coated with a daily blend of dust and dirt, it gets suffocated under makeup, so make it a point to wash your face every night before you go to bed for a healthy and nurtured skin.

Never prick your pimples because by doing this you not only push the bad stuff out of your skin, but also push it in deeper, which results in prolonged redness and increases the risk of scars too. So from now on leave the pimples alone.

I am sure that you have learnt a lot by now so what are you waiting for ? Go get set, to be stylish and smart the right way and get those appreciative glances which you always dreamt about!


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