Tips to prevent Snoring

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If you are the snorer of the house than probably you are getting a lot more sleep than anyone lying next to you and if you carry on like this you can easily make your partner run away from you.

All of us snore occasionally but when it becomes a regular feature of your nights it does affects the quality and quantity of sleep. Poor sleep leads to number of health problems and also leads to jeopardise your relationship when it leads to the extent of sleeping in separate bedrooms.

It is observed that in some cases heavy snoring leads to immense strain and stress in the relationship. So my suggestion is before you make a move to a single bed elsewhere, save your relationship and get back the household harmony simply by following these natural ways to prevent snoring.

Snoring is a very common problem affecting 40 percent of men and 25 percent of women. Mainly it is the older people who are prone to snoring and one third of the people aged 55 to 84 tend to snore.When a person snores he or she makes a rattling snoring sound while breathing during the sleep. But there are very effective and simple natural ways which can really help you to get a peaceful sleep.

 1) Raise the head of your Bed

Simply raise the head of your bed by putting a couple of thick books under head sides of your bed. Alternatively you can place several flat boards under the legs at the top end of the bed. Elevating the head of the bed by three to four inches really helps to make your breathing easy.

 2) Sleep on your side

Often people tend to snore when lying on their back. Change this habit and try to sleep on your side. Do tell your partner to insist you to sleep on your side whenever you start with your zz – zz – zz. So next time when your partner awakes to your zz – zz, tell them to awake you too, to make you change from sleeping on your back to sleep on your side.

 3) Unblock your nose

Try to keep your nasal passages clean and clear. A stuffy nose not only makes your inhalation difficult but also aids to create a vacuum in the throat which in turns results in snoring.

 4) Lose Weight

Reducing weight is a very effective cure for mild to moderate snoring as it helps to reduce fatty tissue in the back of the throat.  Eases any constriction of the upper airway and reduces your snoring tremendously.

5) Prop yourself up

Buy a few extra pillows and prop yourself up in bed, rather than lying flat on your back. Sleep on your side with your arms wrapped around pillows. These will prevent the tissues in your throat from falling into your air passages.

 6) Watch what you eat and drink

Before going to bed do not eat heavy meal or drink alcoholic beverages within 3 hours of going to bed. As both cause your throat muscles to relax more than normal which in turn leads to heavy snoring. Avoid high fat milk products before sleep as they cause mucus to build up in the throat which leads to snoring.

7) Avoid any sleeping pills or tranquillizers

Do not indulge in sleeping pills or tranquilizers as they not only help you to fall sleep but they also relax your muscles completely which increases the chances of snoring. 

 8) Give up Smoking

Smokers have severe problems with nasal congestion. Tobacco smoke irritates mucous membrane and your throat swells making the airway narrow. Simply give up smoking to prevent snoring.

 9) Try Singing

Singing helps to increase muscle control in the throat and soft palate, and significantly aids in reducing snoring caused by lax muscles. If you cannot sing than try to take up a new instrument.  Learning to play specially a didgeridoo can strengthen the soft palate and throat, reducing the problem of snoring to a great extent.

 10) Deal with Allergies

To relieve yourself from nasal problems, get rid of bedroom allergens by regular vacuuming the floors and curtains. Change bed sheets and pillowcases often. Sometimes allergies also lead to heavy snoring so try to keep your bedroom clean and clear of allergies.

 11) Deal with Dry Air

Dry air contributes to snoring immensely. But there are number of ways by which you can fight dry air. Invest in a humidifier or steam vaporizer and keep it in the bedroom. These will surly help to keep your air passages moist and reduce snoring.

 12) Breath Steam

Before going to bed make a habit of steaming. Fill a bowl with hot water, drape a towel over your head, bend over the bowl and breathe deeply through your nose for few minutes. A great remedy to stop snoring.

By now you know how to prevent zz – zz –zz , so get set to get rid of your habit of  snoring and make your way to a sound and peaceful sleep for yourself and your partner. Sweet Dreams and bring an end to your snoring!


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