Pardon Me Mr. President

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And yes, I am referring to the current President, as he retains the title for at least another 17 hours.

Today, as Obama dominated the media coverage and paints some writing on the wall, Bush made a final act reserved for the President. He commuted the sentences on Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, who were found guilty of shooting an illegal alien drug smuggler (he didn’t smuggle alien drugs, just the plain kind while not being a US citizen.)

The decision comes less than a week after nearly all the members of the Texas congressional delegation pleaded with the President via a signed letter, and approximately 8 hours after one blogspot-Captain’s esteemed Father sent a fax eloquently and simply requesting a pardon.

Bush’s decision to commute rather than pardon outlines one of the many holes in his conservatism, namely his past desire and current regret concerning amnesty for illegal aliens. That he truly feels Ramos and Compean deserve a lifelong guilty record is apparent, and still hard for me to believe. The completely unnecessary and legally hypocritical extra two months before their actual release date just turns the surprise to resignation, and a little disgust.

However I am glad that he did something for them before he left office, whether it was to make the next few decades back in Texas more socially comfortable or to inject a little clemency into his legacy. What I do know is that had he listened to my Father more often, and probably a few of those Texans, his legacy wouldn’t be something to worry about.


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