How to Be Ghetto

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  • Step 1

    start listening to rap music, learn your favorite flows word for word that way you can flow on the way to popey’s wearing big headphones.

  • Step 2

    switch your television set to the BET channel, get to now your favorite rappers and make sure you know the names of your favorite songs.

  • Step 3

    Instead of going to the corner store for some booze, make your trip worth the wile by buying a MD 20/20 available in many different flavors in just about any corner store.

  • Step 4

    Make a trip to a tattoo shop and be sure to let the artist know that your looking for something ghetto/

  • Step 5

    Switch your daily apparel to a tall T, some saggy Dickies, and a pair of nikes giving you that ghetto look.

  • Step 6

    Grow a busy afro including a hair pick.

  • Step 7

    Buy a grill so that you can make people think your tuff.

  • Step 8

    Smoke Black and Mild for now on; giving you a ghetto scent.

  • Step 9

    Go to popeye’s and purchase a bucket of chicken so you can walk in the mall with it.

  • Step 10

    Find yourself a ghetto chick so that you can fit in with your ghetto homies.

  • Step 11

    And as for the finishing touch, move into a ghetto apartment in the ghetto, this will boost the fact that your a ghetto person now.

Tips & Warnings

  • Think like a ghetto person

  • Might end up staying ghetto

  • Ghetto chick might get annoying after awhile

  • You might get jumped by gang members



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