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About kaChing

kaChing is an investing talent-pool marketplace, made up of investing geniuses, that empowers individual investors carte-blanche to top-seeded investing talents in the US. kaChings philosophy embraces the Open Source ideology that “information should be free” and one should only have to pay for convenience and not that of devote wisdom of the stock market investing realm. This is truly an avant garde of like-minded individuals that share techniques in stock market investing. The results rendered is a galvanizing elective to mutual funds, which could be arbitrarily an advantageous approach to investing.

kaChing Origins

kaChing was conceived by Dan Carroll, who became an avid investor at age 15, who even eclipsed his investing business savvy beyond that of his parents who were investing in mutual funds. Dan Carroll irrefutably recognized there must be same-like individuals as him, and sought-out other cunning investors, who wanted a format as to demonstrate their savvy-skills. It all originated when Dan created a Facebook application, allowing anyone to generate a virtual portfolio and compare their performance to that of their peers. With the empowerment of social networking, the application quickly bloomed and became thee most communal investment application known on Facebook since its inception. Dan Carroll knew that there was more to become of his development.

To turn kaChing into a tangible business, Dan sought-out help. After reading Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape Communications Corp. and Ning.’s, and his blog, he discovered Andy Rachleff, co-founder of Benchmark Capital, who both shared the same credence of investing. When Dan Caroll and Andy Rachleff met, they too swiftly fathomed they held a similar outlook. Dan adduced the conception of creating an forum for the predominate investing luminary to escalate to the apex, Andy attracted the experience of cultivating the best Internet companies and alluring great support and engineering acuity, along with the brainstorm of creating an investing talent marketplace was conceived.

Trade Secrets of the Ivy League Endowments & Open Sources

Andy Rachleff is a member on the University of Pennsylvania’s Endowment Investment Board where he conveyed distinguishing cleverness to the table of Ivy League Endowment managers, who are some of the world’s elite evaluators of investing genius. They facilitate their paragon investor volition astuteness to exceed the market by more than 11% per year over the anteceding 10 years. Whereas the vast majority of the industry trusts on bygone returns, which are well known to be an erroneous indicator of future behavior. Their key focus scrutinizes three elements to appraise proficiency:

1 – Risk adjusted returns
2 – Stays with said strategy
3 – Quality of rational

The risk adjusted returns are based on an investors information ratio, where then an analysis of how an investor made said returns, and finally, kaChing employs the use of an algorithm that measures the overall response of the community of the investor’s employed research, study and methodology.

Beneficial Functionality And Solid Investing For All

Facilitating kaChing along with its, “trade secret” astuteness, blended with the genius intuitiveness of talents and the engineering teams algorithm of objectively that approximates said investing talent by discriminating amongst investors who are simply lucky from the good, the bad and the ugly. kaChing uses what they call an, “Investing IQ”, which offers a key for something that the investing realm for “commoners” in the last 25 years has yet to see until now. The combination of all listed above was what once was only privy to the wealth insider. kaChing now has more than 400,000 users that have been instilled with this opportunity to invest to the likes of a genius with a “Investing IQ” of that of a Mensa member.

The kaChing application can be used on Yahoo, the iPhone and as mention, on Facebook, with ever-more advancing marketplace for all to be accessible to and gain access to.

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