When Will I Find my True Love?

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True love is not easy to find. In my youth I was no good at talking to girls, they just seemed like a different species, and the longer I went without kissing a girl, and finding love, the harder I tried, and it got worse and worse until I just gave up. It took me a view years of being alone, to realize, I needed to learn exactly what I was doing wrong.

Love is a funny thing, when you least expect it to find you, it does, because true love shies away from those who seek it too hard. Lets say for example you found your perfect man or woman, but they were clingy and always laughing at your jokes too long, trying too hard and smiling too much. Wouldn’t you think there must be something wrong with them, if they have to try so hard? Even if they were gorgeous, had a great personality, and fit the exact description of what you wanted, the harder they tried, the more you would think there was something else that you would find out later was the reason for it.

In order to create attraction, and love, you have to act like you don’t care all that much, but not so much that they think you aren’t interested. You must act like you are the one that they should be trying hard to get to love them, by appearing to have done it all before, being fun and funny, while not seeming to put on a contrived act. You must make them work for your love a little by asking them questions about themselves which require a positive response, you must be making sure they are good enough for you, while not overdoing it either.

Subtle put downs in the form of a joke work quite well, as long as it is taken as a joke, such as: “Hey I love the shoes my grandma has a pair like those” or “So I see you like me then, well, you got a small chance.” It’s all about looking like you’re not trying hard even if you are. Love is all you need but don’t be needy, and also don’t be too choosy when looking for love, because true love could find you in the most unlikely place, it could be right in front of you.



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