The Cheapskate’s Guide To A Budget Wedding

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Tying the knot is certainly one of the biggest steps to take in life. While a fairytale wedding may be the dream, the outlandish costs involved can all to soon make it a nightmare and for some, out of reach. However, with a bit of clever planning, guile and to be blunt…plain cheek. you can slash that expense. Here’s how :

  • Venue : A church is traditional but there are many other inexpensive or free places too. Know anyone with a large, colourfully flower filled garden? How about asking acquaintances who live in unusual properties like a former lighthouse, gaol, fire station or suchlike to use it to for the wedding( hopefully free of charge) You may also consider a beach, countryside of some other outdoor place that comes at no cost.

  • Invitations: Getting personalised wedding stationery printed is akin to printing banknotes so save a bundle buying pre-printed wedding themed stationery at the store and filling them in by hand. Be a complete cheapskate and invite everyone by phone, email or in person.

  • Catering: Organise family and friends to do all the catering paying for ingredients only. Check out colleges or schools who may agree to prepare food as student practise.

  • Cake: Consider hiring a huge but fake cake for the reception and photos but actually provide small cheaper cakes to be cut and served to guests. Call in a favour from someone has the skill to bake and decorate a cake for you or have someone pay for the cake as a wedding present .

  • Wedding Dress: Check local papers for a used dress if you aren’t sentimental. Try discount stores and suppliers for ‘slight’ seconds that are easily repaired to be good as new or for end of line / season bargains. Or try the old stand-by…Ebay.

  • Flowers : Bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids can be costly and sadly soon die. How about buying discount silk or artificial flowers. Unless examined very close they look quite real. If you are completely shameless you could raid your own, relations, friends or neighbours gardens for all the flowers you need then wrap the stems in kitchen foil.

  • Wedding Photos: Professional photographers are expensive, Cut the cost by asking guests to bring their own cameras and contribute photos for your album. Rope in and nominate a trusted person who is a keen photographer with a decent camera to take all the official photos. Then just pay for the printing of pics you want and buy a nice (inexpensive) photo album. If you really want to go cheap try a two quid disposable camera but you might end up looking like Shrek!

  • Honeymoon: If you want to get away but you’re not fussed about the destination throw caution to the wind and hit the travel agents soon after the ceremony for late bargains / cancellation offers. If you have relations or friends who live somewhere you envy or own a second holiday home at the coast / mountains/ countryside, begin dropping VERY BROAD hints early on and try for a freebie invite.

  • Another big tip you could try is getting married out of season. Many businesses welcome trade during the autumn / winter time when things are quiet so this puts you in a great bargaining position to negotiate huge discounts.

  • The biggest and best tip comes last…get daddy to foot the bill for everything!

A wedding on a shoestring doesn’t have to mean second best if you think cleverly and seek out those bargains.


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