I hate CDs

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CDs are terrible, I hate them, you buy one and then a few days later it starts skipping, even if you are careful to put them back in the case the right way. It only takes a tiny scratch or a tiny piece of dirt or a fingerprint, heat or even smoke, to ruin your favorite album or destroy work that you have done. They are used to back up documents that might have taken years of work to do, and then you find it’s all gone for good. There is nothing worse than watching a dvd, or playing a video game, and the damn thing won’t work. The guy who invented CDs should be found and shot at close range, while listening to a skipping yodeling CD.

There are thankfully, some alternatives to CDs, which are starting to replace them. Thank God. The alternatives are mini disks, little CDs, inside a case that protects them from the outside world, (not very popular and soon to be replaced), and then there are Ipods, which are the way of the future. Digital transfer of music and data, from one little computer to another is the only way to go, and the only problem these devices will have is if the machine is destroyed and the music is not backed up anywhere. Between your computer, and a flash drive, and an Ipod and an Ipod playing speaker system in your car or home, there should no longer be any problems with losing important data. If only I was born a few years later. Nevermind, at least it’s here now. I defy anyone to come up with something good that CDs have done, that couldn’t have been done in a better way, except save money in manufacturing. I hate CDs!


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