Surviving a recession

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When the recession hit the united states, and the world, many people had their homes repossessed or lost their jobs, or had to suffer a pay cut. This sort of setback is made worse by the fact they often never had to live that way before. Surviving the loss of half of your income is tough to do, you just have to spend half as much. How do you do this you ask? Well it depends how bad you need to survive. Starting with a place to live, you may be able to find a cheaper place to rent or stay, and if you still own your house, rent that out.

Electricity can be saved by not turning on heaters and wearing warm clothes. As for food, cooking fresh produce is usually best, rice, pasta, and whatever is cheaper per kilo to go with it. Usually vegetables like carrots and potatoes are cheap so use them with only the cheapest cuts of meat. You should avoid traveling by car if you can help it, walk or ride a bike. It isn’t brain surgery, if you don’t have the money you can’t have pay TV, you can’t have ballet lessons for your daughter, you cant afford to drink and smoke, but if you do, you need to use the very cheapest and ration it. Surviving a recession is about sacrifice.

Credit cards are out, no way can you afford to make decent payments, you may be able to convince them to freeze the credit charged or lower the minimum repayments if they think you will go bankrupt otherwise. Bankruptcy is an option but not a preferable one, as it ruins your future credit. You cannot afford to think you will get a job in your chosen career soon you must find another job while you continue to apply. And most of all you should not feel bad about looking poor or appearing frugal because you are being smart in order to save the little money you have and not get in worse trouble. Good luck with surviving the recession, I’m sure you will.


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