You Are a Winner of The Banana Lottery!

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Are you getting emails from scammers all around the world, telling you you have won some lottery you never entered? Are you stuck on a list that endlessly gets emails from people in Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast, trying to get your bank details? I am, and after a little exploration, I couldn’t seem to work out how to get off this list. I tried sending emails back to the senders, asking them to reveal the name of the list I was on, so I could have my email address removed, I even offered them a reward if they helped me get off the list, but I had no luck, they just kept trying to scam me. So, I decided to try and play them at their own game.

I write articles on more than one site, and there is a feature that allows you to make anyone a follower if you have their email address and full name. I decided to sign these people up as followers, informing them every time I published an article. I also send them a reply telling them to join Bukisa and make money legally on the net. My thinking was, some of these people are living in very poor countries around the world, and would perhaps appreciate the opportunity to make a little money legally, and with their experience in sending out emails, they could perhaps make a good living by writing articles and advertising these using the same lists. That way, they could make a decent living, while doing the same thing, but without scamming anybody. If you have dealt with this problem before, and know how to get your name off an email list, please leave a comment, cause I would really appreciate it.  Please read: What you need to know about the internet.



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