5 Success Strategies of Mary Kay Ash

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We all know that Mary Kay Ash’s company employs more than 1.6 million staff in more than 30n countries. We all know that the Queen of cosmetics was born on May 12, 1918. In fact, we know so much about this lady who revolutionized the business of beauty, but then most of us do not know the strategies that brought Lady Ash fame and fortune. Here in this write up, you will discover 5 strategies that Mary Kay Ash used in becoming extremely successful and wealthy.

The Queen of beauty had a clear vision of what and where she was going to. She started her company with the vision of giving women the chance and opportunity to succeed. This clear vision made her to set goals and strive to reach such goals. This clear vision she had is one of the strategies that made her come tops in a male infested business.

Looking at Ash’s vision above, one will realize that she put people inn front before wealth. She was an apostle of leaders that will add value to people and organization they lead and leaders who work the benefit of others. She instilled the philosophy of operating by the golden rule into her company and her respect for people earned her a loyal and hard working sales team.

Success in many cases are failure turned inside out and Mary Kay Ash believes that every failure, obstacle or hardship is and opportunity in disguise. In a male dominated business arena, Ash had her fair share of challenges and refused to back down. Her advice is that you go the extra mile that failure refuses to go.

Ash said that she believes that most successful people are ordinary people with extra ordinary determination. She said that many times she failed, many times she was disappointed and she did not quit. It is the setbacks, disappointments and work that her company.She put her best effort with determination into anything.

5. GUT
Mary Kay Ash is full of guts. She stood firm in her beliefs and trusted her guts. She also followed her instincts on her path to success and at time she goes against expert advice. She said that women should change their work to accommodate their beliefs instead of the other way round. Its only guts that made her come tops in the cutthroat business world.


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