Tips For Online Dating

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Online dating tips:

1. Keep it private. Don’t reveal your surname, address, contact details, phone number, workplace, or other identifying information in your online profile. Ensure you feel comfortable with someone before revealing such information.

2. Meeting up. You have no obligation to meet anyone, but if you do decide to meet with someone you met online, make sure it is in a public place, with plenty of people around. Have your own transport organized.

3. Phone chat. It’s a good idea to talk on the phone once you have established an online relationship, and you feel you’re ready for the next step.

4. Keep it friendly. Ask a friend to drop in on your first online date, have a pre-arranged signal to let them know whether you want to stay. Alternatively, tell someone where you are going, and who you will be with, including address and phone number.

5. No money upfront. Beware of online scams, never offer to lend money to someone you have met online, or send them an air ticket to fly to you.

6. It’s all about your gut feeling. Trust your instincts, be cautious, but remember that you have just as much chance of meeting a dodgy character in a bar as you do on an online dating site.

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