Lacuna Coil – Unleashed Memories – Album Review

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This album is probably my favourite amongst Lacuna Coil’s repertoire. This album is a lot more melodic and slower compared to their later works. The production on the record is a lot better than that of Karmacode or In A Reverie, something I think fans will be grateful for.  The guitars with the exception of 1:19, are not particularly heavy, but mostly melodic and harmonious and seem to blend in nicely with the vocals. The drums are also incredible on this record, especially in “A Current Obsession,” which stands out as one of gems on the record.

The vocals are of course spectacular, led by in my opinion, one of the greatest female metal vocalists, Cristina Scabbia, whose voice has a great balance between the low and sultry to the high and powerful. Her vocals are pleasant, atmospheric, haunting, lilting, gloomy and simply amazing. Andrea Ferro’s vocals are more a back-up on this record than in Comalies, Karmacode, Shallow Life, they are also not the typical “beast” type vocal one would expect. That is what gives Lacuna originality. They are unlike Tristania, Sirenia etc.

The vocals are echoed around the guitars and drums creating haunting atmosphere and a more natural flow. The vocals do not take away anything from the music they merely compliment it. The albums lyrics are truly interesting and creative. They range from the dark and mystical to more uplifting and inspiring. The album is also full of variation – something that so few bands are capable of on a single record. From soft ballads like “Purify” to metal epics such as “When A Dead Man Walks” to the more heavy songs such as “Heir Of A Dying Day” and “1:19”.The songs really take you on a journey and the tone of the record is very doom metal based. The songs are also not typical, they do not follow the conventional verse-chorus structure but are more diverse mixing musical interludes with atmospheric vocals.

Mood and setting is what this record offers the most. It’s a fantastic CD to chill out to as well as rock out to! It has the best of the melodic versus heavy and all of this is wrapped up with elegant vocals to make one of the finest gothic metal releases out there.    


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