Why do People Blog?

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According to me, people blog for fun and I am one of the specie amongst all the fun-loving bloggers. What exactly is a blog? According to me, a blog is a piece of information which the writer is comfortable with and is so obsessed with it that he/she wants to spread it out to the masses. The ideas after all, originate in the brain and blogging is one of the most powerful mediums to help our exercise-restrained brains. I don’t think people blog just for the sake of doing it or for financial gain, but for the very fact of telling the world on the world wide web (www) of one’s point of view on a particular topic.
For me, I love English as a language very much. I had fared very well in English language in school and it was one of my most favourite subjects. For that matter, I used to like all language subjects, viz. English, Hindi, Marathi. But, English being globally accepted made me think it is surely a universal language with almost whole of the world knowing the language. I can also never forget the fact that early-on while choosing the career path, I had answered a simple yes/no questionnaire on the net, for which I had been advised that I would do very well in journalism.
But, as they say, life is a mystery, I am not into journalism but enjoy blogging all the time. I won’t mind, money also coming from by blogs, but money will never take the centrestage. Free expression of my ideas on the very relevant and sometimes ignorant topics, makes me feel like getting connected to the world and letting everyone know what I think. Today in this fast-paced world, people don’t have time to talk to each other, let alone share their minds and hearts. It is in this mad-paced and money-crazy society, that blogging makes us temporarily thoughtful, causes our inner voice to come out and express our desires and let the world know about your ideas on a particular topic.
I try and touch all types of blogs for fun, be it song lyrics, general topics, tips, tricks, suggestions, innovative ideas, music file, etc., etc. I must admit some topic do go above my head at times, but I am not complaining because I know that a poison for one is a cure for the other. I wish all people who have an interest should atleast write something good for others and in a way it gives inner-peace. I should admit that I am not a good speaker, but when it comes to blogging I can go on and on and on. I don’t know how, but the ideas keep on pouring and I believe I can add something creative on the topic at hand.
Blogging varies according to age groups and will always be a welcome place to share views, express concerns, reviews, etc. Blogging generates a large volume of data which is out there to be utilised and used in the correct way to one’s needs. To add at the end, please keep on contributing to the blog world in one’s own way, cause you never know somebody out there may have a problem similar to you or may think in your same lines. And belive me, it gives immense pleasure to know that your suggestions are counted and your thoughts are similar to some person sitting somewhere across the globe.


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